My parents, Steven and Tanya Tramp, have done awful things to their guests, employees, and even their children. They are the one time owners of Quality Inn Downtown 4th Avenue (110 E Fourth Ave, Spokane, WA 99202 – 509-838-6101), current owners of Comfort Suites at the Park (195 E Penny Road, Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-662-1818), current owners of Sleep Inn and Suites Wenatchee Confluence (235 E Penny Road, Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-663-8333), current owners of Blackrock Terrace Estates (a mismanaged subdivision which the community temporarily shut down), and shadow owners of several neighborhoods in surrounding areas – though it is hard to find as they now hide their ownership through attorneys and other tactics to prevent the community and their family from tracking.

Here is a summary of their behavior over the years:

Numerous OSHA violations. Three employees have fallen and been hospitalized due to an unsafe ladder which they still refuse to get rid of. Steven insists that he uses the ladder all the time in a cathedral ceiling. When I insisted he show me, he was trembling about 1/3 of the way up and admitted there was no way it would reach where he claimed he access on his own all the way – despite the unsafe ladder it was still about 10 feet short of the access he said he uses all the time.

Steven drowned me. Twice. My brother was old enough to save me the second time. My mom said it was a joke and we never talked about it again.

He threw plates at my mom and his children. My brother again saved me. When we returned we got yelled at for leaving. My brother was kicked out of the house mid-high school shortly after this.

They refused to bring me to a doctor and instilled a sense that I need to get over my pains. They cursed me out for joking that they bring their dog to the vet more than they brought us to the doctor and claimed I was lying. My mom’s own baby journal backs up my claims. I was 9 the first time I went to a medical professional after infancy. My dad made me lie about how injuries occurred so he wouldn’t have to pay for them. I have had two surgeries recently that have pained me since childhood that they should have had fixed to remove my suffering.

They lie and deceive. They make false promises. They paraded us in front of the community for their failed housing development claiming it was just to provide plots for their family and Steven said on television that he “would never consider selling without the approval of his boys”. We found out from family friends several months after he listed the development for sale and he never spoke to us about it. I asked him and he said simply that he changed his mind.

They sat us down and told us the family business is ours, we have sweat equity in it, and told us since we always took care of the family business that it would always take care of us. He negated that contract later as well and said he would not be making good on any of his promises.

Steven lied at several staff meetings about having Covid and the covid shot in order to lie to staff that their health is not a big deal and to keep working as well as to lie and get out of government mandated mask requirements. Tanya was very much involved in all of these lies.

They falsified bank documents to get multimillion dollar loans. They have discrepancies in their financial reports which I questioned where money had gone. Steven told me “You wouldn’t want to know”.

They have illegal and discriminatory hiring policies against the Asian American community in writing that they force their managers to implement.

Steven and Tanya break the law on Sick & Safe leave and guilt employees into coming back early over fear of their jobs. They talk about employees being “only on time” and how that “tells you everything you need to know about them”. Yet when confronted with the fact that my parents show up whenever they feel like it (over an hour late to my own wedding, over an hour late to the announcement we were having a baby, disregarded appointments with us, blew off work meetings, declined invitations – the later complained that we never spend time with them) – Steven said yes, he’s okay with who he is and he won’t change for anyone. He admitted he is the reason our family is in distress and that we have done nothing wrong – yet we lost our jobs, our retirement, our future, and our family after he admits he is the sole problem and we did nothing wrong.

They write false reviews of their businesses. They make claims that they have tons of terrible guest reviews about me – so I accessed the system and printed every review with my name or description or hours worked. All were great reviews about me. I printed reviews about my parents and they were terrible. I gave them this binder the next time they claimed that guests hate me and they got mad and said they had never heard of this and would have to look into it. They never did.

They made me petition them to keep my job, when I had done nothing wrong and have a glowing record, and kept leading me on with promises that I would always be on payroll and we would work something out. In the end, the day my dad sold the hotel he made me move to work for, he cut us loose and admitted he never read the proposals he asked us to write him for our future in our own family business.

They negate anything anyone says. At one point, my dad made a comment and I agreed with it. He then completely changed his stance just so that he could make me wrong. He made me “police the neighborhood” with him during an active shooter situation near the hotel and said it was our responsibility to interfere in police matters because it was our neighborhood. This was at a dinner with my pregnant wife where they made us wait for two hours starving because we cannot do anything without the patriarch (Steven)’s approval, and when we finally ordered dinner it was from a restaurant I had been telling them had closed many years ago. They insisted the eat there all the time. When we called and later looked it up, the restaurant had closed years prior and they still denied it saying they eat there all the time. That’s some pathological lying.

Steven and Tanya have many luxurious vacation homes around the country. They tried to make every one of their employees (who during Covid could barely pay rent if not for the eviction moratorium) feel bad that my parents had to fly to some of the vacation homes to clean them out to sell just to keep the hotels in business for another month. We were told the vacation home sale would only pay one month’s mortgage and that was all we could afford at the time. After two weeks on vacation and every day telling me the realtor was coming later to take photos, he decided he just likes it too much to sell it or any of his vacation homes. Far step from destitute and only a month to pay the business mortgage to “I just like having several vacation homes to choose from so I won’t sell it”.

For years, my father promised that “as soon as Cindy leaves, we will move the main office over here and start you learning administration of the business”. Steven brought this promise up to us quite regularly, asking “have you thought any more of the office move?” “how are you going to set up your new office?” “how will we lay out the new office?”. Cindy, their office assistant, left a few months later. That was years ago, and that was another promise broken. Cindy had been gone for many months by the time I saw she continued to be listed in their bank loan documents as a current employee for whatever perjury related reason he had in mind there.

My brother was forced to illegally purchase URLs for hotels my parents didn’t own nor did they own the rights to the franchised or corporate hotel names. Steven’s goal was to steal business from these hotels and prevent them from getting their own websites. We had over 30 other branded hotel names without permission. My brother was sued by one of the largest law firms representing one of the most powerful hotel brands in the world, and my dad simply ignored his pleas for help for a month. He finally admitted that he didn’t care because it didn’t affect him that his son was being sued for doing his bidding which we warned him was unlawful.


For legal reasons: my attorney has advised that I am within my rights to share my story, and that opinions are protected. Consider this an opinion site, but that doesn't mean an opinion isn't also supported with, for example, over 45 gigabytes of photocopies, photos, video and audio recordings, hotel surveillance footage, and written documentation.