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Steven and Tanya

We want to thank you for your interest in our hospitality company - Princess Properties. We extend our warmest wishes to both you and your family. We trust the enclosed information will prove we are truly "Your Hospitality Specialists".

Steven & Tanya

Our history dates back to 1985, the true beginning of what is now known as "Princess Properties". As a young & energetic entrepreneur couple in Fairbanks Alaska, we purchased our 1st property, an owner occupied 4-plex. It was extremely important to us that the three other families in the building had a clean, comfortable home, for a fair price. Countless number of hours went into cleaning, painting, gardening, etc.. to create a home our tenants would be proud of.

As time progressed, we acquired several other rental properties in Fairbanks. The company began to grow. We acquired our realtors license, and Tanya had expanded the company into property management, as well as a satellite company known as "A-1" rentals (a rental referral company).

By now it was obvious that hospitality was in our blood. The goal was to offer a clean, quiet, comfortable, and safe home, at a reasonable price.

As time passed and our level of experience increased, a new company name was born, "Princess Properties". Named somewhat after my wife Tanya (my princess) and also depicting a rich and better standard in housing.

I will never forget our first sign (actually 50 of them). Bright florescent orange signs with big bold print.

Princess Properties Sign

The years were short in Fairbanks, 12 years were gone in less than a heartbeat. However the next 12 years were about to go twice as fast.

We arrived in Wenatchee, Washington on February 11, 1991, three days prior to taking possession of our first hotel. The days were long, and excitement high. The properties in Fairbanks were sold off, and we were about to start a new chapter of our lives. With our two sons, 6 months and 6 years old, our family went forward with our beliefs of a clean, quiet, comfortable and safe stay at a reasonable rate.

I will never forget Tanya's first day in the laundry - you should have been there - Stroller with baby on one side, and what must have been 10 loads of sheets waiting to be folded. I thought it would be the end of our career!!!

As the years went on, we mastered our skills in management, planning, & training. We handpicked each and every employee, and trained them to the true sense of hospitality. (After all we are in the hospitality business.)

As many of you know, our guests have become much more than guests, you have become friends. You have seen the transformations from:

Even now with the Quality Inn and Comfort Suites. Many of you have grown and aged with us. Your loyalty has never been taken for granted or forgotten.

And now, more than 20 years later, we strive to do what is right. We strive for guest satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Even though the names of the hotels have changed, and the faces of employees have increased, and the market has expanded - be assured Steven and Tanya are at the helm, be assured you are our guest. So as you stroll through the front doors, or down the halls of these great hotels, don't be surprised if you spot Tanya pushing a load of laundry to the laundry room, or Steven with his tool box, just smile and say "We're home friend".

Steven and Tanya