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Our Purpose

Customer service is our highest priority. We know you have many choices and we are honored that you choose us. We emphasize customer service at our regular staff training sessions. You the customer are #1 to each and every one of us. Customer service is a lost art we are trying to bring back.

Our employees are hand picked and very dear to us, they become family. We appreciate their hard work, input and loyalty. They take our training sessions seriously. We train them on a variety of subjects from: customer service, cleaning tips, emergencies, area attractions, to having guest speakers and trainers.

We believe in passing on our knowledge and experience. All of our employees have the opportunity to work their way up in the company, as many have. Through the years employees have made a new start in life with us. Having hit rock bottom and we gave them a chance. Some went on to other lines of work with a new self confidence and skills. Others found management positions in other hotels due to our training. While others moved up to supervisor, assistant manager, and manager positions within the company.

We believe in putting back into our properties, not taking out. We strive to offer as many essential amenities as we can. We believe you should have all the extras offered at the luxury properties without having to pay for it. We are constantly making improvements around the property to make it better. You may see any one of us including management, Steven or Tanya - tools in hand to repair an item, vacuuming, folding laundry, cleaning a room, etc.. Everyone does everything - if it needs to be done, we do it.

Steven and Tanya